Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Living Well

Part of creating and keeping true wealth in your life is living a healthy lifestyle since focusing on building riches alone is not enough! My question for you, what are you doing to stay healthy? Or better yet what are your eating habits?

What is your daily or weekly exercise routine?

How are you feeding your mind?

Statistics show that most Americans are obese due to their busy lifestyles. Busyness is one of the reasons that most people come up with when asking why they do not exercise or eat healthier. If you ask me is not busyness the reason why people do not stay healthy is that you have been programmed to think that fast and easy is painless and better. Each day you get bombarded with commercials telling you what you need to buy to make a fast meal or what pill to take to lose weight.

See all that is a big lie because if it all worked, you would not be using your money to find a solution and you would be on your way of living a more energetic and happy healthy life. Instead of more people of all ages are being declared obese. Bottom line you need to find effective ways to exercise eat healthier and feed your mind with empowering information that will help you grow on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Remember it is a daily routine that will help you achieve your ultimate goals for you and your family.

Here are some ideas that are very cost effective and all you need to do is readjust your thought process, commit to take action and “Just do it” like the Nike commercial!

Exercising tips:

* When you go to the mall or to the supermarket; park your car as far as possible from the entrance. By readjusting your previous action of parking as close as possible now you are getting some walking exercise.

* Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator

* Take ten minutes to walk after you had your lunch even if it is just around the office or at the parking lot of your job or office. Want to save money and exercise too? Do your own lawn and you are exercising too

Find out about simple exercises that you can do in your cubicle or office.

Healthy eating tips:

* Take your lunch to work, pack nourishing snacks,(ex; fruits, carrots, celery, broccoli) water (do not drink soda or sugary juices as they contain a lot of sugar and that makes gain weight). Remember when you pack your lunch you save time and money because you do not have to think about what you going to eat or where you have to go to get it, instead you can just eat at your cafeteria and take the extra minutes to walk around the parking lot.

* Do your grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday and plan your weekly healthy meals, you can even begin to cut some of the vegetables, season the meat, pre-grill the chicken and then you can store it in a great freezer container or bags which maintain the food fresh.

Tips to feed your mind:

* If you want to have a better relationship with your children, co-workers, other family members, friends, and most importantly with your spouse or significant other you can learn how by investing in audiobooks that you may be able to listen to in your car while you are on your way to work or running errands. You can do this with any subject that you want to improve in your life. Remember not just listen to the audio implement the ideas into your life as well.

Last but not least, take a few minutes in the morning and before bed to be grateful for all your gifts!